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Subscription boxes for social good: Our Why, Our Mission

Happy Little Bundles- supporting health, wellbeing and development
Founder, Dr Jemma Harris, on her passion for health and wellbeing and what led her to start Happy Little Bundles- a social enterprise based on subscription boxes!
The quest for family health and wellbeing...

As a parent it is easy to get absorbed in the ever more complex trail of purchasing new gadgets and following new fads in order to try to occupy, motivate and, ultimately, make children happy and 'well rounded'. However, sometimes doesn't it all just make you sit back and wonder whether many of these things actually contribute to the health and wellbeing of your family unit?!

Thankfully, research shows that it is often the simple things in life combined with growing through challenges that can bring us the greatest sense of happiness and wellbeing! When you reduce the pressures to be everywhere and do everything you often feel calmer and less stressed. You have more time and opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature, to get creative, to spend time cooking healthy meals together, to develop resilience and to focus on the things that really matter.

The thing is, even though we might KNOW that this is the case... we very often need a little nudge or reminder!

Creating Happy Little Bundles...

As a parent and psychologist I have always been fascinated by the external and internal factors that contribute to a sense of fulfilment and wellbeing. I've been particularly intrigued by questions such as:

-Which factors in our environment and everyday social interactions support or thwart our growth and flourishing?

-How can we help children (and adults!) to tap into that seemingly natural drive to learn new things, master new skills and achieve?

-How can this consumerist culture that we find ourselves continually immersed in pull us away from the things that really matter when it comes to health, wellbeing and development?

After spending some time as a researcher and lecturer within the Higher Education sector, and following the arrival of my second child, I took a career break in order to explore ways that I could focus on practical questions such as these.

Happy Little Bundles was born from a desire to create a conduit linking academic research and expertise from areas such as health, wellbeing and development to everyday family life. Through the sale of our activity packs we aim to generate profits that can be used to support children and families who are struggling more than most in their journeys through life.

So what are these little bundles all about?...

Happy Little Bundles are designed to help families to ring fence some time every month in order to spend some quality time together, to come back to what really matters and to focus in on things that will genuinely contribute to their health, wellbeing and development. 

As parents or carers, we work very hard to balance work and family responsibilities- but then we often waste our valuable time and money on things that only provide an illusion of health, happiness and wellbeing!

Many of us are desperately searching for activities and products that will help us to raise happy, resilient, healthy, and well-rounded children- and psychological research and early years and educational practice has so much to inform and inspire this quest!

I have used my  background and contacts in psychology and Higher Education to inform our packs- using research from areas such as positive, social and health psychology to inspire the themes and contents of each activity pack.

The packs are influenced by research findings, expert opinion and ideas from areas such as early years education, health, and child development in order to support as many aspects of health, wellbeing and development as possible!

You can look forward to posts, information and subscription boxes informed by experts in topics such as psychology, early years education, sensory experience, baby massage, and nutrition.

A 'social' what?...

Happy Little Bundles is a social enterprise. In essence- we strive make a positive impact not just on the lives of our customers but also on the lives the lives of children and families who are struggling and in need of a boost! A proportion of our profits will therefore be used for social good!

We all know of someone whose parenting journey has been impacted on by issues such as financial hardship, physical and mental health conditions, family breakup, bereavement,... and it is these families that, with your support, we will be reaching out to with the funds that you help us to generate.

What brought me here...

After returning to work after maternity leave with my second child, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to try something a little different!

I attended a programme on inspiring enterprise and I began to network with people who were working for social change and entrepreneurial aims. This got me on the path of pursuing my long held desire to increase the real world impact of the research that I had been involved with or been reading about. The ultimate goal was to both spread awareness of research findings in a fun and practical way in order to support various aspects of health, wellbeing and development AND generate profits that could then be used for even more social good.

This journey is all about using my background and contacts as a psychologist in the Higher Education sector to create a social enterprise that benefits parents and children and funds activities that reach families who might be struggling more than most.

It's all about utilising what we know and who we know to make a difference in the beautiful but occasionally harsh world of ours!

And THAT is how Happy Little Bundles was born!
Please take a moment to support our launch by checking out our current activity packs HERE!