About Us






What we do:

 Founded by mum of two, researcher and psychologist Dr Jemma Harris, Happy Little Bundles is a social enterprise working to support the health, wellbeing and development of children and families. We aim to use knowledge and networks within the Higher Education sector to create a conduit between research in areas such as psychology, child development and education and everyday family life.

We create family activity packs (you can order one right here!) to support you in spending quality time together boosting aspects of health, wellbeing and learning.  Our packs are inspired by research findings from areas such as positive psychology, health, neuroscience and primary and early years education. 

We utilise profits and grant funding in order to engage in a range of activities that have a positive social impact for families and communities across the United Kingdom. Your purchases help us to make real and practical differences to people's lives.

How we do it:

We look at both the established and the latest research findings from areas such as positive psychology, neuroscience, early years and primary education, and child development in order to match the science to practical ideas, products and activities that can easily be used in everyday family life. You can expect to explore activities linked to themes such as mindfulness, creativity, baby massage, nature, life skills, healthy eating, plus many more!

We are passionate about using research findings and expert opinion to increase the health, wellbeing and development of families just like yours. Take a look at our packs, read articles on our blog and keep an eye out for our social impact activities that we will be publicising at various points throughout the year.

And... WHY we do it!

Quite simply- we want to do our bit to make the world a better place!

If, like us, values such as compassion, community, contribution, love and kindness are central to your way of life then you will love the fact that a proportion of our profits will be used to fund activities with social impact. So whilst you and your family enjoy your own Happy Little Bundle you can also enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just helped out a parent or child whose journey has been tougher than most.

This past year we have donated activity packs and other items to care leavers with young babies (via one of The Christmas Day Dinner events organised by The Lemn Sissay Project), to the siblings of children with life limiting or life threatening health conditions (via Sponsor a Sibling) and to events spreading intergenerational kindness and addressing loneliness by bringing children and parents into care homes for older people (organised by Friend Indeed).

Read more about our founder Dr Jemma Harris HERE.