Subscription boxes for social good: Our Why, our Mission

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Our why... Founder, Dr Jemma Harris, on her passion for health and wellbeing and what led her to start Happy Little Bundles...


As a mum of two I completely understand the everyday pressures to sometimes get absorbed in the ever more complex trail of purchasing new things, gadgets and following new fads. However, sometimes it all makes you sit back and wonder whether many of these things actually contribute to the health and wellbeing of your family unit! Researching the various things that we can buy or do in order to grow or flourish can be very time consuming and, sometimes, testing out those various fads, day trips and gadgets can be very expensive. Importantly, and thankfully, research shows that it is often the simple things in life (and learning to notice and appreciate them) that can bring us the greatest sense of wellbeing! And that is the message that I'm trying to spread via Happy Little Bundles!


I've always been passionate about health, wellbeing and development. I've created Happy Little Bundles in order to help families to ring fence some time every month to spend some quality time together, to come back to what really matters and to think about the sorts of things that will genuinely contribute to their health, wellbeing and development. 


I have used my  background in psychology to inform the packs- using research from areas such as positive, social and health psychology to inspire and inform my search for inspirational activities and products. The packs also utilise research findings, expert opinion and ideas from areas such as early years education, health, and child development in order to support as many aspects of health, wellbeing and development as possible! You can look forward to posts, information and subscription boxes informed by experts in baby sensory activities, early years education, early years orthoptists, baby massage experts, and nutritionists.


It has been really important to me to create a business with social impact and something that has been a dream since my early teens! Not only does Happy Little Bundles aim to support the health, wellbeing and development of our customers and their families but we'll also be using a proportion of our profits to f


und activities that have a positive impact on the lives of children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are otherwise struggling in some way. In essence- we are  a social enterprise that will use the profits from our subscription box, e-commerce activities for social good!

I started Happy Little Bundles after taking a career break following the birth of my second child (I now have a both a teen and tot in the house!). The idea stemmed from a desire to combine and share my love of all things family, quirky, natural, earthy, fun, inspiring and representative of a simple, happy life with my professional interests and experience in psychology. After returning to work after maternity leave, I realised that as parents or carers we work very hard to balance work and family responsibilities- but then we often waste our valuable time and money on things that only provide an illusion of health, happiness and wellbeing! Many of us are desperately searching for activities and products that will help us to raise happy, healthy, well-rounded children and to experience wellbeing within our family units- and psychological research and early years and educational practice has so much to inform and inspire this quest! Reading up on current research is time consuming and sometimes it is tricky to think how we might be able to apply some of the ideas to our everyday lives.  Research findings do, of course, filter down to us via the media and we have probably all experienced occasions where we stumble across research informed ideas and activities (often simple yet life enhancing) that we swear that we will do more often... yet in our busy lives they somehow fall to the wayside. And that is what Happy Little Bundles has been created to help with- easy, convenient and inspiring activity boxes delivered direct to your door and that represent great value for money!

Happy Little Bundles is all about using research findings, best practice and expert opinion to infuse a monthly bundle of happy, wholesome activities for  children and their families. Each themed bundle serves as a monthly reminder to engage in happy, wholesome and meaningful family activities linked to evidence based practice and that do not cost the earth- figuratively and literally! The business is aligned with my core values and experience- and it taps into my favourite ideas and perspectives on health, wellbeing and development (e.g. positive psychology, hygge, Montessori principles, and minimalism). For example, a widely accepted theory of wellbeing suggests that there are five core elements to wellbeing: positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and purpose and a sense of accomplishment. Many of our subscriptions 


boxes will therefore tap into at least one of these core elements... even when they seem to focus on other topics (such as healthy eating, grow your own activities, baby sensory activities or activities to enhance spatial and mathematical abilities!).


I'm working hard in the run up to our launch and I hope to have some prelaunch packs available for purchase very soon! 


Jemma x