Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles Family

Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles family…

Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles family!

Happy Little Bundles is working towards the launch of monthly subscription boxes packed with ideas and products to inspire you and your family- delivered direct to your door!

Our packs are different from anything else that you'll find out there- simple, quirky and inspired by research findings and expert opinion from areas such as psychology and education. We are also a social enterprise- that means that a proportion of our profits will be put towards activities that promote the health, wellbeing and development of children and families who are disadvantaged or otherwise struggling.

Who we are...

Happy Little Bundles provides packs designed to facilitate various aspects of health, wellbeing and development! Think happy, wholesome and, above all, QUALITY family time together!

Founded by Dr Jemma Harris- a mum of two and a psychologist- the Happy Little Bundles mission is to:

  • Support the health, well-being and development of children and their families
  • Share products, activities and information that facilitate quality time together
  • Help parents and children appreciate the simpler things in life and to focus on things that really matter
  • Use peer reviewed research and expert opinion to inform each of our Happy Little Bundles
  • Favour quality interactions and experiences over consumerism
  • Direct a proportion of our profits to promote the health, wellbeing and development of children and families who are disadvantaged or struggling in some way

Happy Little Bundles activity packs are inspired by research and expert opinion in areas such as positive psychology, education, child development, Montessori principles, and hygge.

With social impact being central to our values, Happy Little Bundles has also been created with social and environmental aims at its core. Not only are many of the packs organised around social and environmental issues, but the business has been set up in way that allows for the majority of profits to be used to engage in activities to benefit the wider community- whether this be through the donation of activity packs to disadvantaged or otherwise struggling children and families or through working together with other organisations to support health, wellbeing and development in the community.

What's inside...

Our monthly subscription bundles will have a different theme each month so contents will vary. However, as a general guide you can expect:

  • A themed activity and information to inspire some quality family time together
  • Matching products
  • A theme related print for your wall
  • Additional treats and goodies
Our bundles have been designed to suit a range of ages and will be updated regularly so so take a look at our CURRENT PACKS!
Happy Little Bundles- supporting health, wellbeing and development