What Went Well

What Went Well: An Exercise to Improve Your Wellbeing

Looking for ways to boost your wellbeing? The What Went Well exercise is an empirically tested and very simple, yet practical, activity that can help you to increase your wellbeing levels. Positive psychology has a lot of say about what contributes to wellbeing. In a recent post we explored how you could begin to match […]

Benefits of Nature for Wellbeing

How to facilitate your child’s connection with nature

Interested in increasing your child’s connection with nature? We highlight the some of the key benefits associated with exposure and connection to nature and provide some core elements of naturalised pay environments to help your child to benefit from a stronger link with the natural world. Previous reports have indicated that children’s contact with, experience […]

Our Why, Our Mission Happy Little Bundles

Subscription boxes for social good: Our Why, Our Mission

Founder, Dr Jemma Harris, on her passion for health and wellbeing and what led her to start Happy Little Bundles- a social enterprise based on subscription boxes!   The quest for family health and wellbeing… As a parent it is easy to get absorbed in the ever more complex trail of purchasing new gadgets and […]

Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles Family

Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles family…

Welcome to the Happy Little Bundles family! Happy Little Bundles is working towards the launch of monthly subscription boxes packed with ideas and products to inspire you and your family- delivered direct to your door! Our packs are different from anything else that you’ll find out there- simple, quirky and inspired by research findings and […]